A new look. Same gentle choice.

We want to make every day count for you and your child. To ensure we do so, we are continually reviewing our products and information in our effort to deliver optimal nutrition and information to support you and your child's needs.

We are making some changes, updating our packaging and evolving some of our product recipes. Our products continue to offer your child the same gentle nutrition. If you have any questions, please call, email or LiveChat with our Careline.

A new look. An easier choice.

We are making changes to our packaging design that make it easier for you to select Karicare+ products. Each change is designed to help you select the product that will most suit your child's needs.

1.We have updated our on-pack logo, now including the words "Gentle Nutrition"

2.We have updated the information on the front of the tin to provide key product information more clearly

3.We have implemented coloured bands indicating the child's age for which the product is appropriate.

We hope our new packaging design assists you with selecting the most suitable product for your child, and welcome your feedback to our Careline.

Learn more

Learn more

You can learn more about our packaging and product changes in our videos. For more detail on these changes, and to discover which changes apply to the product you purchase, click here.

IFFO video

GUM video


We've answered a number of the possible questions you may have. For further information, please call, email or LiveChat with our Careline and speak to one of our team of healthcare professionals.

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