About us

Danone Nutricia specialises in a range of tailored products, including Karicare infant formulas, specialty formulas and toddler milk drinks, and Karinatal multivitamins. Our trusted products have been developed with key ingredients to nourish and nutritionally support mothers and their children from pre-conception to toddlerhood.

Danone Nutricia is part of Group Danone, one of the most successful health food companies in the world, focused on dairy, water and advanced medical nutrition as well as early life nutrition. With over 100 years of caring for babies and 50 years of ongoing research into breast milk and early life nutrition, Danone Nutricia combines science and experience to support parents, carers and health care professionals.

We understand that early life nutrition can have an ongoing influence on the future. It can play a significant role on the development of the brain and immune system, as well as how the body metabolically reacts to foods or nutrients. Danone Nutricia is committed to encouraging good, balanced nutrition through our products, services and support.

Our commitment

Over 100 years caring for babies

As dedicated experts in early life nutrition, parents have trusted Nutricia to nourish their babies and toddlers for over 100 years. We are proud of our expert Careline team of nutritionists, dietitians, midwives, lactation consultants and experienced mums who offer support along the motherhood journey.

Nourishing him

Happy on the inside, shows on the outside

We believe that a healthy, happy baby starts with a healthy, happy tum. When baby is nourished on the inside, they can play, explore and learn at their own natural pace. We support mums to nurture their baby’s individuality, encouraging each baby to develop and grow in their own unique way.

Supporting mum

Instilling confidence with guidance and inspiration

We help mums as they navigate through motherhood and grow with their babies. Our support services encourage a mum to trust her natural intuition, offering reassurance and inspiration whenever she needs it and instilling confidence in her everyday choices.

Our story

Our Karistory began over 100 years ago, helping mums to nourish their little ones since 1907. So how did we come to be? Our hardworking founder, Sir Truby King, was one of the very first doctors to lead the way in infant formula nutrition...


Our founder, Sir Truby King, was born in New Plymouth, New Zealand


Sir Truby completed his medicine studies in Edinburgh before returning to lead New Zealand's largest and most important mental hospital for 32 years


At a time when there was no help for mothers unable to breast feed, Sir Truby was convinced at least half the baby deaths occurring in the first year of life were preventable


Sir Truby founded the Royal Society for the Health of Women and Children in Dunedin. Its motto was 'breast fed is best fed' – a motto that we still hold today! With the support of New Zealand's Governor and his wife, Lord and Lady Plunket, Sir Truby began to open clinics and experiment with milk formula with extraordinary success.


Within five years of forming the Royal Society for the Health of Women and Children, the lives of babies saved in NZ were three a day - over 1,000 a year!


Sir Truby founded the Mothercraft Training Society and was invited to go to London after his system of feeding and care achieved amazing results. Under his supervision, the training of registered nurses and the life-saving Plunket Movement began.


The Australian Mothercraft Society was established in Sydney by a number of parents and friends whose babies had benefited from the work of the Truby King Societies in New Zealand and England


Under the guidance of Sir Truby, the Karitane Products Society developed its first range of milks - and the rest, as they say, is history!


The range was licensed to Douglas Pharmaceuticals for distribution in New Zealand, Australia and Asia


Nutricia acquired the products from Douglas Pharmaceuticals and Karicare was born!


Nutricia becomes part of the Danone group


Nutricia acquired the New Zealand spray dryer, Gardians, and the blending, packing and can-forming activities of the Sutton Group in Auckland, New Zealand. This provided us with a large milk drying capacity, along with long-term access to fresh milk supply. It also added an infant formula blending and packing facility to our existing operations.